World of DVC Show Episode 1: Saving Dogs, White Blazers & the Power of the Disney Name Tag

July 6, 2021

In the inaugural episode of the World of DVC Show (after recovering from hearing the amazing new theme song), we hear how Marissa & Kerri not only love DVC but also dogs so much so they spent the first half of their morning rescuing a lost dog!

This month’s panel talks about how Disney’s famous “4 Keys” have now become 5 & how things have changed when it comes to cast appearance over their years at Disney (cue the white blazers & pantyhose!).

Marissa answers the burning question, “Exactly what IS the World of DVC” (hint it’s why the words ‘buying, lending, renting & selling” were in the opening theme song).

The team takes on some fantastic audience questions regarding the DVC Rental Store, DVC Resale Market & Monera and comes to a group decision on how to give away those sought-after “Add-On-Itis” t-shirts.

Kerri tugs at everyone’s heartstrings, talking about her involvement in starting “Ear For Each Other”, & Derek & Marissa talk about how their Disney nametags took them places they could never dream about and what they’re most looking forward to when it comes to Disney in 2021!

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