New Contract Financing

Monera Financial, a World of DVC company, works with people all over the world to help make it affordable to own a piece of the magic.

Working exclusively with Disney Vacation Club memberships on the resale market, we specialize in offering the right loan for any budget. With interest rates starting as low as 9.9% and loan terms up to 12 years, you can use the interactive quote tool to customize a loan that works best for you.

How it Works


Start the application process by getting an Instant Quote. Select “New Contract” at the top of Instant Quote Tool and enter in your details to explore the loan options available. Then, select “Apply Now” to the offer you are interested in. Once you have submitted your application, Monera Financial will send you an approval email and request a copy of your signed contract.


Once Monera Financial has a copy of your contract, we will commit to financing the loan at the interest rate and term you selected. We will send you a letter and a loan estimate that will explain the estimated closing costs and funds you will owe at your closing.


The title company will work with you to complete the loan documents and understand the exact cash owed to close. Once completed, they will request the loan funds from Monera. The title company will have everything they need to send the transaction details to Disney for the transfer of membership.

Let’s Get Started
Monera’s interactive quote tool makes it easy to compare financing options to help you find the loan that will work with your budget. Best of all, credit checks are optional!
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General Info

With interest rates starting as low as 9.9% and loan terms up to 12 years, you can use our interactive Instant Quote tool to customize a loan that works best for you.

  • Only lender with no prepayment penalty
  • No monthly service fees
  • Terms of 4, 8 or 12 years
  • Credit check is optional

Rate Charts

Non Credit Check Model

Interest Rate-
4 Year Terms
Interest Rate-
8 Year Terms
Interest Rate-
12 Year Terms
Down Payment *
as low as:
12.9%13.9%14.9%15% or $3,000
14.9%15.9%16.9%10% or $2,000
15.9%16.9%17.9%5% or $500
* Down payment is determined Resort, Points, and Price Per Point of the contract

Credit Check Model

FICO Credit ScoreInterest Rate-
4 Year Terms
Interest Rate-
8 Year Terms
Interest Rate-
12 Year Terms
Down Payment*
800-8509.9%11.9%12.9%5% down
700-79912.9%13.9%14.9%10% down
650-69914.9%15.9%16.9%10% down
600-64915.9%16.9%17.9%20% down
* Down payment is determined as percent of the purchase price

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be pre-approved for financing prior to making an offer on a contract?

No. Monera has financing options available for everyone. You will be approved for financing and can go ahead and work on securing your contract first. However, you are welcome to submit a quote at any time to receive an approval.

Do we pay the down payment to Monera to secure financing?

No. the down payment is the portion of the purchase price that the loan does not cover. This amount will be due at your closing as part of the closing costs.

Does Monera finance DVC purchases for International Borrowers?

Absolutely. Monera finances borrowers in the US, Canada, and all over the world! Contact us for more details on financing outside of the US.

Is there a prepayment penalty for a DVC loan?

No, we are the only DVC lender that offers no prepayment penalty. Any additional payments will be automatically applied to the principal balance of your loan helping you pay the loan faster. Or, if you choose, you can pay off the loan at any time with no penalty.

Are there any loan fees for a DVC loan?

Yes. There is a loan origination fee of $199 that is included in the closing costs only if and when you close. However, Monera does not charge any monthly service fee no matter what form of repayment you choose.

Is the interest I pay each year eligible for tax deduction?

Yes. This is a mortgage loan and the interest is eligible. At the end of January, Monera will mail a 1098 tax document showing the interest that was paid toward the loan. We recommend you seek advice from your accountant or tax preparer regarding your specific situation.

Financing couldn’t have been easier, from the initial inquiry to the actual application and approval. this was the easiest part of the process by far. Thanks for keeping it stress free.
Thank you! This has been a surprisingly easy and painless procedure.
Your company was great to work with throughout the whole process. If we ever buy more points, we will certainly contact you.
We’re excited to be starting our DVC journey. Thanks for all that you and Monera have done to make it as simple as possible. If we find ourselves buying more points, you can be sure we’ll look forward to financing with Monera again. We’ll also tell our friends who are looking into DVC to consider Monera.