Cash-Out Refinance

Whether you are looking to lower your interest rate, monthly payment or even receive cash from the equity in your membership, Monera Financial offers a refinancing option for you.

Monera has interest rates starting as low as 9.9% and loan terms as long as 12 years. Use the quote tool for both a credit check and no credit check model to find the best financing options for your needs.

How it Works


Start the application process by getting an Instant Quote. Use the details of your existing membership to explore the loan options available. Then, select “Apply Now” to the offer you are interested in. Once you have submitted your application, Monera Financial will send you an approval email.


Monera will ask you to complete an estoppel letter for you to authorize Disney to send the title company a copy of your Estoppel. At that time, Monera Financial will commit to financing the loan at the interest rate and term you selected.


The title company will work with you to complete your loan documents. Once completed, they will request the loan funds from Monera. The title company will have everything they need to close your refinance and send you the proceeds.

Let’s Get Started
Monera’s interactive quote tool makes it easy to compare financing options to help you find the loan that will work with your budget. Best of all, credit checks are optional!
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General Info

Monera has interest rates starting as low as 9.9% and loan terms as long as 12 years. Use our interactive Instant Quote tool for both a credit check and no credit check option to find the best financing for your needs.

  • Only lender with no prepayment penalty
  • No monthly service fee
  • Terms of 4, 8 or 12 years
  • Credit check is optional

Rate Charts

Non Credit Check Model

Interest Rate-
4 Year Terms
Interest Rate-
8 Year Terms
Interest Rate-
12 Year Terms
No Prepayment Penalties or Monthly Payment Fees on All Loans

Credit Check Model

FICO Credit ScoreInterest Rate-
8 Year Terms
Interest Rate-
12 Year Terms
No Prepayment Penalties or Monthly Payment Fees on All Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only offer refinance loans for a specific term and interest rate?

No. Monera offers refinancing options for terms between 1 and 12 years with interest rates from 9.9% to 17.9%.

Can I refinance my membership if I have an existing loan?

Yes. Monera offers refinancing options for all your needs. If you have an existing loan, we recommend that you choose an option that will be enough to pay off the existing loan as well as cover the closing costs. This will allow you to not have to pay anything at your closing.

Do you offer cash out refinancing?

Yes. At the closing, your new loan will be used to payoff an existing loan (if applicable) and all closing costs. Then, the remaining proceeds will be sent to you through whatever form you arrange with the title company.

Is there a prepayment penalty for a DVC loan?

We are the only DVC lender that offers no prepayment penalties. You can make as many extra principal-only payments as you would like. These extra payments will reduce the term, helping you pay the loan off quicker. The result is less interest paid overall versus only paying the monthly payment to the term. 

Are there any loan fees for a DVC loan?

There is a loan origination fee of $199 that is included in the closing costs only if and when you close. However, Monera does not charge any monthly service fee no matter what form of repayment you choose.

Is the interest I pay each year eligible for tax deduction?

Yes. This is a mortgage loan and the interest is eligible. At the end of January, Monera will mail a 1098 tax document showing the interest that was paid toward the loan. We recommend you seek advice from your accountant or tax preparer regarding your specific situation.

I have been so thrilled with the service from Monera! Every chance some one asks a financing question on any DVC Facebook group I am very happy to recommend Monera. Your site is very user friendly, and I like getting all the payment reminders and receipts.
Each and every time I have had a question your team has always answered promptly with detailed explanations. It’s things like this that when this first purchase is paid off, I won’t hesitate giving you guys my business again.
Thank you all so much for making this potentially intimidating process smooth, easy to understand, and trouble-free. We look forward to enjoying our DVC membership for many years to come.
Your team came highly rated and I see why 🙂