In the 6th episode of the World of DVC Show…

October 7, 2021

In this very special episode, Marissa, Kerri & Derek are together again to discuss how they all celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Walt Disney World Resort! From being INSIDE the Magic Kingdom on October 1st to celebrating with lunch & Legos over at Disney Springs we’ve got you covered!

Special Guest: Debby Dane Brown

The World of DVC Team brings on a very special guest Debby Dane Brown. Debby was hired into Walt Disney World for a role as one of the very first Vacation Planners and then became the 1st ever Walt Disney World Ambassador. Debby shares some incredible Disney story’s and speaks to the rich history of Disney Cast Member Culture and the incredible magical moments she experienced during the opening of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Opening Day in 1971 

Kerri & Marissa take you back to 1971 opening day with none other than Debby Dane Brown the first Walt Disney World Ambassador. These story’s will forever live in our hearts and they go down as part of Walt Disney World History. Debby shares her special cast member insight of the true behind the scenes moment of the famous Life Magazine cover photo.

The true tear jerking moment is when Debby tells the story of Roy Disney on during opening ceremonies requesting to have Mickey Mouse by his side because that was the closet thing he had to Walt!

Roy Disney’s Home Away From Home

Kerri & Marissa hear Debby’s incredible story about Roy Disney’s “Home away from Home.” Right behind The World of DVC offices on Lake Tibet. For more information here is the blog for more details:

A Chance Meeting With Walt Disney

Throw in an fascinating Storytime with Sue talking about how she met Walt Disney himself (yeah, not a typo) and probably the biggest & best prize in the show’s ‘long history’!

You’ve got an episode worthy of the “World’s Most Magical Celebration” – we can’t wait for you to watch, listen & enjoy it (cue the goosebumps!) Make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a minute of this episode!

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