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Five Reasons to Own at Grand Floridian

February 2, 2022

Every Disney Vacation Club property possesses plenty of reasons to want to own and stay there.

Still, one resort towers above them all. Here are five reasons to own at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, not that you really needed any. You already know it’s the best, right?

All Roads Lead to Magic Kingdom

In 2021, the Grand Floridian became the second DVC resort to add a walking path to Magic Kingdom.

Obviously, Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort always had one due to its location.

However, the Grand Floridian isn’t much farther away. Here’s video proof that you can take a casual stroll and still arrive in 20 minutes:

Some of us don’t like to walk excessively while on vacation, though. Thankfully, Disney has us covered.

The Grand Floridian is also one of the three Monorail Resorts in the Magic Kingdom area. So, you can take Disney’s most unique form of transportation.

Disney also runs buses to and from the hotel. I find that a bit pedestrian, though. When I have the time, I prefer taking a boat ride to the park.

The scenery never fails to take my breath away. It’s that much more magical when you’re on the boat as the Disney Enchantment fireworks go off at night.

Oh, and some boat captains regale you with Disney tunes. Yes, this hotel has some singing sailors!

The Immaculate Lobby

When you enter the lobby of the Grand Floridian, you’ll appreciate every picturesque detail.

The ground floor features a piano complete with a pianist prone to playing Disney standards.

An elegant antique elevator rides and descends by the palatial stairs. You may think it’s just for show before the movement gives it away.

To many longtime DVC members and me, the Grand Floridian lobby is the house that Richard Gerth built.

This now-deceased cast member held the lobby door for tens of thousands of strangers over the years, adding to the mystique of the lobby entrance.

Even after his death, his elegant demeanor imbues the Grand Floridian lobby with a persistent dignity that will never leave.

The Impeccable Restaurants

While I personally prefer two other resorts, the reality is that no DVC property possesses the same restaurant status as the Grand Floridian.

Guests here can walk straight through the lobby and have their choice of the Grand Floridian Café or the (currently unavailable) 1900 Park Fare character meal.

On the second floor, the Enchanted Rose Lounge will mystify you with its sublime theming.

Here, you have your choice of people watching or a panoramic view. Some indoor seating provides glimpses of the lobby and its curious guests.

Meanwhile, outside, you can watch the Magic Kingdom skyline, transfixed by the splendor of Space Mountain, the Astro Orbiter, and Cinderella Castle.

Two upscale resorts, Narcoossee’s and Citricos, will delight any seafood fan or any other foodie, really.

When you need a quick bite, Gasparilla Island Grill provides tremendous bang for the buck and a lovely lakefront view from some tables.

We recently had this place to ourselves for lunch. It was one of the most memorable Disney moments ever for my family.

Remarkably, I haven’t even mentioned the best of them all yet. Victoria & Albert’s has won awards as THE best restaurant in America.

Friends, I don’t mean the best theme park restaurant. I’m talking about awards that pit it against Michelin Star restaurants…and it still wins.

You’ll find this place at the Grand Floridian! How wild is that?!

The Luxury

You may not have heard of Host Hotels & Resorts Inc., but Disney officials are all too familiar with this company.

In May of 2021, Host Hotels shelled out $610 million for a single hotel, the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World.

When this property opened, it resided within the Golden Oak community, signaling that Disney had okayed it.

Even so, Disney executives wince at any perception that some hotel other than the Grand Floridian could be the most luxurious Walt Disney World option.

Over the years, Disney has stacked the deck to make every inch of the Grand Floridian overflow with excellence.

The hotel rooms use high-end tiles that you’ll never find at Home Depot. Many of the boats docked at the resort cost more than most homes.

At Grand Floridian, the ambiance screams snooty patrician, and I mean that in the best possible way.

I’ve run into Hall of Fame athletes, television broadcasters, movie stars, and celebrities here…and I don’t even stay here much!

Everybody knows that the Grand Floridian embodies the ultimate in Disney luxury.

New Rooms Coming Soon!

This summer, the Grand Floridian will do something long overdue. The resort will expand its Disney Vacation Club presence.

Currently, this resort possesses the smallest DVC inventory at Walt Disney World. However, Disney is fixing the problem.

Building Nine, aka Big Pine Key, is currently undergoing massive renovations. When this place reopens, it’ll be an exclusive DVC building.

At that point, the Grand Floridian will include even newer, more impressive hotel rooms. During Destination D23, Disney revealed images from these new rooms.

Suffice to say that the company has spared no expense with the room design. Somehow, these DVC studios appear brighter and airier.

Better yet, the added inventory gives you that much better of a chance of booking here. Before 2022, it was always a challenge.

In short, the Grand Floridian was always great, but it’s also in the process of getting even better. Take that, Host Hotels!

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