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Ways to Save for a DVC Down Payment

December 21, 2022

The upfront costs of a DVC contract may seem daunting at first glance, but Monera Financial can help you with a loan within your budget.  With Monera Financial’s No Credit Check Model, down payments for new contracts are dependent on the resort, number of points, and price per point of the contract.  They can range from as low as 5% or $500 to 15% or $3,000.  If you decide to go with Monera’s Credit Check Model, down payments for new contracts are determined as a percentage of the purchase price and can range from 5% to 20% down.  

Saving up for a DVC down payment doesn’t have to be daunting either.  Here are some ways to help you save up!

Start a Fund

With down payments starting as low as $500, starting your own DVC fund and adding to it each week can really add up.  For instance, if you set aside $50 from each paycheck, you can have the $500 for your contract down payment in ten paychecks.  

Cut Down on Extraneous Monthly Expenses or Subscriptions

Sometimes it’s the seemingly small monthly expenses that add up over the course of the year.  Whether it’s buying lunch every day for work, that morning coffee, or even just that streaming service that you never really get around to watching, cutting out these small regular expenses can help you set aside some funds monthly to put towards your DVC down payment.  

Put Vacation Funds Towards a Down Payment

Rather than putting your money towards a single vacation, put it towards a DVC down payment for decades of vacations.

It’s no secret that Disney vacations are pricey.  In fact, for the cost of a cash stay, you can easily put a down payment on a DVC contract.  For instance, a room on the hotel side of the Grand Floridian currently starts at $693 per night.  That means if you had a 6-night, 7-day vacation, your room alone would cost $4,158 before taxes.  That sum of over $4,000 can instead be put towards your DVC purchase.  This way, your funds go towards not only your next vacation but vacations for decades to come!  

To learn more about how Monera Financial can help make your DVC purchase more affordable, contact them today at 1-855-DVC-FUND (382-3863) or info@monerafinancial.com.

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