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Top DVC Contracts with Low Upfront Costs- January 2023

January 16, 2023

Highlighted below are our top picks for DVC resale contracts currently listed for sale through DVC Resale Market. These contracts are highlighted to show you how to become a Disney Vacation Club member with the lowest upfront costs. When looking to lower your estimated out-of-pocket costs, we take into account contracts that we are able to offer the lowest down payments on. We also look at the annual dues owed per contract and estimated closing costs. The monthly payments are based on a No Credit Check loan option with a 12 year term.



Listing ID
Asking Price Per PointMinimum Down Payment with Monera FinancialAnnual DuesEstimated Closing Costs
with financing included
Estimated Cash Due at Closing After Deposit is AppliedMonthly Payment through Monera Financial
(with 12-year term)
Animal Kingdom

$1265% with No Credit Check
$0 for 2023
$1,365$373 After the $2,000 deposit is applied
Bay Lake Tower


$1695% with No Credit Check
$0 for
Plus $558 credit towards 2024
$1,188$0 After $1,265 deposit is applied

Boulder Ridge


$1085% ($1,080)$0 for 2023

$1,399$479 After the $2,000 deposit is applied

Grand Floridian


$0 for 2023
$1,288$443 After the $1,690 deposit is applied$271.79
Copper Creek


$0 for 2023$1,579$502 After the $1,275 deposit is applied
Saratoga Springs


$0 for 2023$1,179$563 After the $1,232 deposit is applied$198.07


$0 for 2023 $1,267$467 After the $1,600 deposit is applied$257.24

*Disclaimer: Contracts noted in the chart are active listings at the time of this publication. Due to the ever-changing market, they may become sale-pending or removed from the market at any time.

If you would like to speak to a team member to further discuss financing, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-855-DVC-FUND (382-3863) or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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