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Moonlight Magic Returning and Other Disney News

March 2, 2022

A beloved restaurant has reopened, two more are selling Disney Vacation Club MagicBands, and another is undergoing renovations.

We’ll talk about those tidbits, the unexpected return of Moonlight Magic, and some Disney Wish updates today!

The Return of…Moonlight Magic?!

A popular Disney Vacation Club amenity is returning in 2022. For the first time in two years, Disney will host Moonlight Magic events…and they’re starting sooner than you’d expect!

The first Moonlight Magic events of 2022 will occur at EPCOT on March 17th and March 31st.

Two months later, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will host Moonlight Magic on May 24th and again on June 16th and July 14th.

Finally, Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers Moonlight Magic on July 26th and August 31st.

Please note that these events will happen in addition to Extended Evening Theme Park Hours.

So, qualifying DVC members enjoy a plethora of after-hours park options during these weeks.

Please remember that you must register for these events, though.

If you already have a hotel reservation for one of these dates, Disney has targeted February 22nd as the date it’ll send out emails with registration information.

Otherwise, registration opens to everyone on March 8th. You should act quickly to register. Historically, these events have sold out quickly.

More Amenities Coming to the Disney Wish

Disney Cruise Line recently announced a delay for the maiden voyage of the Disney Wish. We’ve only got good news other than that, though.

Here’s a video of the Disney Wish setting sail for the first time:

Yes, that’s a whopper of a ship! Captain Minnie Mouse looks suitably proud of her new vessel!

Disney also announced several previously unknown amenities onboard the ship.

The Disney Wish will include a sweet treats store with an Inside Out twist!

Joyful Sweets represents Joy’s wish for everyone to eat candy all the time. This place is a dentist’s nightmare!

The most exciting part involves the cupcakes. They’ll highlight the five emotions on display in Inside Out with appropriate colors and tastes.

Disney also confirmed three entertainment sections on the ship. My favorite is Luna, which features a setting akin to the masterful Pixar short, La Luna.

Kids will adore the Grand Hall, a fairytale castle setting with an atrium stage and special effects integrated into it.

Disney hands out magic wands to children when they board the cruise. Then, they’ll make a wish in the Grand Hall that cast members might be able to grant.

Disney fans will interact with their favorite Disney Princesses here as well.

Finally, there’s an upsell event called Olaf’s Royal Picnic. It’s a summertime picnic featuring the snowman who shouldn’t survive in summer. Fortunately, he’s magical!

Disney has designed this experience for kids aged 3-12, and it’ll include live musical performances from Frozen’s beloved soundtrack.

The experience sounds fantastic, but I’m withholding final judgment until Disney lists a price for this afternoon picnic.

Disney Reopenings and Closings

Let’s start with the best news. Jiko – The Cooking Place has finally reopened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

This staple of Jambo House is among the most popular Signature Dining experiences at Walt Disney World. And DVC guests have definitely felt its absence.

Speaking of absences, we’d previously discussed some upcoming renovations at various DVC resorts.

One of them involves the play area at Copper Creek Springs Pool. Well, the time has come for this renovation. It has started and will continue for at least a month.

However, the pool here remains open. So, your family can still hang out during your stay. The kids simply won’t get to use the play area, which is fine.

A similar scenario is unfolding at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter Tea Pot area is closing for a week starting today.

Speaking of this resort, March 1st marks a big date. That’s when renovations will begin in earnest on the repurposing of Big Pine Key into a DVC facility.

Disney has obviously tinkered with this building for a while. We’re now at a point where the hardhat crews will cause plenty of noise.

So, Disney is warning guests of potential irritations and disruptions from now through the summer when Building 9 reopens in its new DVC form.

DVC actually announced that direct sales for these new rooms will start in March, and it has declared inventory for them.

The new rooms are just around the corner, my friends!

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